By By Archie Modequillo via

CEBU, Philippines – Celebrity Chef Sau del Rosario graced the recent gathering of select Philippine media at the Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu. The world-class culinary master shared delicious, easy-to-do recipes that anyone can prepare at home, particularly using various Jolly products of Fly Ace Corporation, a leading distributor of food and beverage products in the country.

Chef Sau did Peaches and Cream French Toast very quickly, in just about 10 minutes, using Jolly Peach Halves. He also cooked up the Filipino favorite Pork Humba with Jolly Mushrooms and Garbanzos. For dessert, the flamboyant chef made Maja Mais, using Jolly Whole Corn Kernel. Completing the set was his Cherry Lemonade, using Jolly Maraschino Cherries.

The media event was also an occasion to orient the attendees on the careful process that Jolly products go through, ensuring food safety and nutritional value. It was pointed out that with many Jolly products, the contracting of the raw materials would start way before harvest. The company would contract entire farmlands - right from the planting, to the growing, and to the harvesting - prescribing ideal farming procedures formulated by its consultant agriculturists and nutrition experts.   

In the kitchen, many homemakers prefer Jolly products because these are priced affordably despite the top quality. And the products are easy to find; most supermarkets have Jolly products in their shelves. Considering the variety of the brand's product line, there's something for almost any dish desired.

A chef with a name as big as Chef Sau's in the industry would be very careful with what goes into his cooking. He has not only his customers' health and safety on the line, but his own reputation as well. Earning the thumbs-up of this chef is a really tall order.

Chef Sau del Roasario has worked with the most distinguished chefs of the world. He has had three TV shows: "Healthy Cravings" with Ms Izza Calzado, "The Kitchen Battle" with Zoren Legaspi and Issa Litton, and the recent "Sarap to Heart" with Sam Oh. Chef Sau is the author and co-publisher of the book "Sau del Rosario's 20," released last March.